Mimi is a creative, voracious and empathetic individual with great enthusiasm, vibrancy, and energy towards the creation and consumption of design and culture, with a focus on digital product design and creative technology.

Stemming from a background in both Traditional and Digital Art and the Life Sciences, Mimi has been continuous honing her craft towards the never-ending goal of artistic expression and the betterment of humanity.

Her design philosophy is human-centric and empathetic to the needs of all individuals, races, cultures, and backgrounds. She puts great empathizes on the usability, memorability, spontaneity, and user-engagement and satisfaction of digital products and physical creative experiences. She is inquisitive, brave, bold, and passionate towards all that she works and strives for.

A fresh graduate of Sheridan’s Interactive Media Management Graduate Program, Mimi is currently looking for job opportunities in the field of UX/UI Design, Product Design, Creative Technologies, and Front-End Web Development.

Please feel free to reach out with any potential job opportunities, freelance gigs, or if you have any questions or comments!✨👀


instagram @mimi.xuan

email xuanx@sheridancollege.ca