pupsRus Mobile App


PupsRus is a mobile app that allows the user to book puppy visits to their home or workplace, or event. The user can search/browse for the perfect pup, swipe through the pup’s scheduled availability, book a puppy visit, pay directly through the pupsRus app, and can view their past bookings and invoices. Please note my project pupRus Smartwatch, is an extension of pupsRus designed for wearables, specifically for the Apple Smartwatch.

The app specifically targets the pain points and sources of anxiety that a user would have with an event booking service. The time, date, availability, and booking process must be clear and intuitive to use for a first-time user. Button sizes were adjusted to be large enough and pushed from the bottom, to allow for a range of thumb sizes, hand grips, and high swipeability. The gestures and swiping should be intuitive for a first-time user and there are confirmation screens for successful bookings.

PupsRus is specifically geared towards solving temporal urgency of the event booking service, by making the earliest available puppy the highest priority on the homepage and choosing to backload the user’s payment and address submission upon actual booking, to allow the user to gain access to the entire app’s features as soon as possible.  

The user story profile created for pupsRus is an office worker, who is stressed at their busy work day, and would like to be able to book a puppy visit for the evening. This user is busy, anxious, low on time, and wants to book a relaxing puppy playtime as quick and easy as possible.


Preliminary sketches were created to showcase possible UIs, of the puppy booking app. The revamp of the homepage focused on providing features that help solve temporary urgency for users.

User Flow

The user flow shows the steps and choices an user would take, from signup or login, to the booking a pup visit.


The main homepage of pupsRus shows a variety of currently available puppies. To be accessible and respectful of the user’s time, the Available Now pups are shown on top, with pill box buttons allowing for refinement of search. The images of the pups are the front and center, as the adorable canines evoke a sense of emotional attachment that will likely nudge the user to click on their profile, learn about the pup, and book a playtime asap.

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Walkthrough Gifs

Gifs showing the click-through of screens of the prototyping and design, from Adobe XD.